TwinCR is a family run, friendly, all inclusive running and core fitness club established by identical twins Jac & Deb, UK Athletics trained coaches.

Jac and Deb are supported by a great team of leaders.

TwinCR offer core fitness and running groups throughout the week in the wonderful surroundings of the beautiful 2,400 acres of Sutton Park and indoor facilities at  Clifton Road Youth Centre.

TwinCR – a different approach.

The biggest benefit of _core training is to develop _functional fitness; the type of _fitness that is essential to _daily living and regular activities.Unlike conventional running clubs we recognise that everyone is different and try to cater for all abilities, shapes, sizes, ages and levels of fitness. Combining core fitness and running helps to strengthen the “whole body”, improve balance, dexterity and fitness without the need for special equipment, huge weights and eye-popping effort. Your core consists of groups of muscles that are responsible for many of the general activities we take for granted. Think of your core as the pillar of your stature, strength and flexibility. Combining a tailored core fitness and running programme gives you the best of both worlds. Your core is at the centre of all your movements so keeping it strong should be a top priority.

“I just want to run!”

All of our running groups are led by runners. We offer fully supervised, insured and supported classes throughout the week , with dozens of routes incorporating various levels of challenge and distance, from the new to the seasoned runner alike.

“I’m too unfit, I’m overweight, I’m too old, and above all, I don’t like pain.”

Many of us throughout our lives have wanted to change our approach to fitness, including most of the members of TwinCR, we recognise this and invite each and everyone to just come along, have a chat, meet some of the members and staff, just watch, feel comfortable, you don’t have to do anything to start with. Come along and experience the fun and warmth of the groups, hear the laughter and see the smiles. TwinCR is different. We are a big friendly family of like minded individuals who enjoy nurturing and helping to develop confidence and knowledge, so take that first step in moving forward with TwinCR.

What next?

Click on the Contact us button on the top left of the site, or, just turn up to one of our sessions….

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